New Feature: Payments Testing on Web & Mobile Applications

We’re excited to release our new feature that will help eCommerce teams and anyone who needs to test credit card payments on their web or mobile app: virtual credit cards.

Testing credit cards can be a challenge for many organizations. Many websites use 3rd party software integrations to process transactions, complicating the development and QA process. Credit card generators don’t work in production, and gift cards, which are often used as a proxy during testing, don’t represent real credit cards, and some systems don’t recognize them as such. Often we find that QA teams rely on manual testing with company-issued credit cards, or even their own credit cards, which can act as a bottleneck in the development and release process.

Introducing Rainforest Virtual Credit Cards

Rainforest QA lets you test real payment functionalities in production in minutes. Rainforest’s virtual credit cards (VCC) are real credit cards that generate real transactions. They can be used any place where major credit cards are accepted, allowing you to test real payment functionalities in production, on demand.

How Virtual Credit Cards Provide Fast, Secure Payments Testing

Virtual credit cards are single use and have a maximum transaction limit, which is typically between $1.00-$50.00. You can incorporate virtual credit cards into your tests using the corresponding built-in step variable, in the same way that other variables are added to tests. The credit card number, expiration date, CVC/CVV, zip and address are all available for testing.

To ensure that transactions can be tested efficiently and securely, each card is single-use. After the test is completed, Rainforest immediately destroys the virtual credit card so that it can no longer be used. Rainforest QA holds a fully refundable deposit, net of any unreimbursed transactions, to serve as collateral for the virtual credit card.

Learn more about Rainforest Virtual Credit Cards

To find out more about how our virtual credit cards can be used for faster, more efficient testing, check out our documentation on the feature. Existing customers can contact their Customer Success Manager to learn how to enable the feature for their account.

Want to learn more about how Rainforest works for ecommerce software testing? Try Rainforest for free.

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