Why QA Belongs in Your Dev Team’s Slack Channels

Good QA requires good communication. Development and QA teams are not only moving faster, but are also more likely than ever to be distributed. In Panaya’s 2017 State of Functional Testing Report, 35% of testing leaders surveyed stated that lack of communication between key users, testers and managers is a significant challenge for their organizations.

It’s time to bring QA into the tools that your team uses to communicate every day. Over three-fourths of Fortune 100 companies use Slack to keep their teams connected and communicating. With a wide range of developer tool integrations, here are just a few reasons why you should consider making Slack a part of your QA process, too.

Quality Should Live Where Your Team Does

One way to remedy this is to bring QA notifications into the channels that your team already uses to discuss product and development issues, bringing bug alerts front-and-center for your team. If your company communicates using a chat app like Slack, integrating bug alerts into your dev and QA channels keeps quality higher by preventing issues from slipping through the cracks. Some Rainforest users even have a dedicated QA channel to stay on top of functional testing results more effectively.

Early Detection is the Best Prevention

The earlier you catch bugs, the faster you resolve them and the more cost-effective your QA process can be. To keep your time-to-fix as low as possible and releases running smoothly, shift testing “left” and aim to identify bugs as early as possible. A key part of “shifting left” is implementing (and optimizing) a continuous integration process. With a range of continuous integration server apps available, your team can stay up-to-date on the status of continuous integration builds right from their favorite Slack channel.

Quality Goes Beyond the “QA Team”

Whether you have a dedicated QA manager, a team of automation engineers or devs pulling double-duty with their own testing, chances are the interest in product quality doesn’t stop with your QA team. Everyone at the organization -- from marketing and sales to product and development -- has an interest in keeping an eye on quality. Integrating notifications from your workflow into critical channels gives members of your organization faster insights into the status of product quality, keeping everyone on the same page more easily.

Creating a More Integrated QA Process with Slack

Want to learn more about how plugging your QA process into your team’s larger workflow can make your development process faster and more efficient? Check out our webinar featuring Rainforest developer Edward Paulet as he explains how to create a more “plugable,” workflow-integrated QA process.

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