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Rainforest Tester Spotlight: Lucas

Our network of 60,000 crowdsourced QA testers are a critical part of the Rainforest platform, providing the human perspective that allows Rainforest customers to have confidence that their code is bug-free and user-ready. In this new blog series, we'll introduce you to a few of our Rainforest testers from around the world.

Rainforest Tester Spotlight Lucas

Meet Lucas

I'm currently living in Aracaju, Brazil.

I started testing for Rainforest in June 2016. I read a topic about Rainforest in a forum, where people were very excited about it and its concept. This awakened my curiosity, and of course I had to try it! Sadly, when I first heard about Rainforest, new testers were not being accepted but I was always checking for the right moment to jump in, and I've been here testing ever since then. :)

A Typical Day of Testing

I start the day trying to keep up to date with what is happening on the Rainforest forum and Slack channels [for exploratory testing and super tester activities].

After that, I check if there are new exploratory tests and other assignments. I usually turn on the Rainforest Chrome extension (which alerts testers that there is work available) during the evening or at night, which seems to be the best time for me considering my local time. When I don't have other assignments, I also turn it on during the morning and/or afternoon.

When I'm Not Testing...

I always try to look for something that's new to me -- a new song, a coffee shop or a landscape, if it can bring me a new experience, I'm in ! Although I like to taste new flavors, I also never refuse a good pizza! I also appreciate the nature, so going for a walk at the park, along the beach or even around the neighborhood is something I enjoy.

What It's Like to Be a Rainforest Tester

Being a tiny part of this whole new concept is already amazing by itself. Working with people from so many places, being able to make my own schedule, testing so many different websites and apps, the tester community and the staff... it's hard point just one thing that I like about Rainforest.

My experience has been wonderful and beyond anything I could have imagined when I first started. I believe the experience from users and testers are really bound to each other through Rainforest QA.

To learn more about how our testers help us deliver faster, better QA results to Rainforest users, read more about the Rainforest Tester Network here.