Surviving your First 90 Days as an Engineering Leader title image

Surviving your First 90 Days as an Engineering Leader

What does it take to lead a world-class development organization? To find out, we asked successful CTOs to weigh in.

Software development teams are moving fast and growing faster than ever. To stay ahead of a competitive market, they need engineering leaders who can unlock their potential.

For those who lead engineering teams (or aspire to lead engineering teams), coming into an organization and making an impact takes a combination of skill, experience and instinct. We interviewed 15 CTOs and VPs of Engineering with decades of combined experience, who have weighed in to share what works and what doesn’t whether you’re just stepping into a leadership role, or you’re looking to hone your skills.

The CTO Survival Guide: Lessons in Navigating Technical Leadership Roles

Today we’re introducing The CTO Survival Guide, a compilation of lessons learned from seasoned engineering leaders on what it takes for a good leader to become a great one.

Want a sneak peek? Here are some of the highlights from what interviewees had to say about making the most of your first 90 days on the job (click to enlarge):

The guide includes tips for accelerating your path to success and hitting the ground running in a new role. Download the guide now for free to read all of the advice and anecdotes on becoming a better engineering leader.

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