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Rainforest Exploratory for Mobile and More!

We’re excited to announce that Rainforest now offers on-demand exploratory testing on mobile applications across a variety of platforms. Rainforest users can now write exploratory run parameters, select the mobile platform of their choice and discover bugs with the Rainforest crowd!

What We’ve Added to Rainforest Exploratory

Previously, all exploratory runs were performed in the platform that was most easily accessible to each exploratory tester – in the vast majority of cases, this was Windows Chrome. We’ve expanded Rainforest Exploratory Testing to include the following Rainforest VM environments:

  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • iOS on iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+
  • Android Phone and Tablet
  • Office 2013

How to Use Rainforest Exploratory for Mobile and Other Platforms

The user experience for writing exploratory testing instructions has not changed; now, simply designate up to 3 platforms that you wish to run tests against. If multiple platforms are selected, testers will split up the work between each platform, so we suggest that users limit their focus to a single platform per exploratory run where possible. Testers will receive instructions to perform exploratory testing on the platforms indicated.

Learn More about Rainforest Exploratory

The addition of new platforms and devices for Exploratory testing will help Rainforest users gain better insight into the health of their applications across various platforms, including both mobile and desktop. To learn more about how customers are using Rainforest Exploratory, read our case study on how Poll Everywhere has used Rainforest to double their regression testing coverage.