3 Reasons Why Crowdtesting is Great for eCommerce Companies

It’s no surprise that eCommerce sites live and die by their UI. Ensuring that your site or application functions correctly is critical to making sales and keeping customers happy. But eCommerce QA testing can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Many eCommerce teams must maintain hundreds or even thousands of pages and countless visual elements and links.

Looking for a way to cut down on your eCommerce site’s testing time without sacrificing your customers’ experience? Crowdtesting is a scalable testing solution that can fill the gaps left by traditional QA testing options. Here are three reasons why crowdtesting is the perfect fit for ensuring that your eCommerce site will wow your customers every day.

1. Crowdtesting is Flexible Enough for Testing Dynamic User Interfaces

eCommerce websites often have highly visual interfaces that rely on images and video. They can also be relatively dynamic, with new products and offerings rotating in on a regular basis. While these features are critical to enticing buyers, they can also make writing and maintaining automated test scripts more challenging. On their own, automated tests are often too brittle to be an efficient method of testing an ever-changing eCommerce interface.

Unlike automated tests, crowdsourced tests rely on a large crowd of experienced human testers for execution. The testers’ abilities to interpret and assess changes makes crowdtesting far more flexible than automation, and well-suited for test cases that are likely to change over time. Because a crowdtesting platform like Rainforest sources, vets, and manages testers for you, crowdtesting provides the benefit of the human test execution without the overhead of managing a team.

2. Crowdtesting Provides Scalable Cross-Browser and Cross-Device Coverage

Data collected by Google reveals that 85% of consumers will use multiple devices to research a product before making a purchasing decision. This cross-device buying behavior makes seamless cross-device and cross-browser testing a major concern for eCommerce developers. Consumers must have a consistently high-quality experience of your site, regardless of what device or browser they are using.

Crowdtesting on a platform like Rainforest QA allows you to test across a large number of devices and browsers in parallel. Test results are ready to review in about 30 minutes and don’t require any hands-on test execution. Twyla, an online marketplace for fine art, uses Rainforest to run cross-browser QA tests on their features before they deploy. Twyla’s VP of Engineering, Douglas Ferguson, says, “Rainforest gives us that last acceptance confirmation before we push to production. It’s nice to have that little extra feeling of confidence before the push. Our developers don’t have to test every browser every time.”

3. The Crowd More Closely Emulates Your End User

Bugs on eCommerce sites can have an immediate and direct impact on sales, which makes smoke testing in production crucial. The highly visual interfaces of eCommerce sites are optimized for human eyes. Ensuring that the most critical parts of your user flow -- such as the checkout process -- are bug-free can reduce shopping cart abandonment and boost return customers.

Crowdtesting emulates how your end users will experience your product, which can be an effective way to discover any UX issues. Testers can spot issues that may not be technical bugs, but still impact your end user's experience. Max Spankie, a software engineer at review site Consumer Affairs who uses Rainforest crowdtesting to run functional tests, says, “We realized that if it takes too much effort to write a test that the testers will understand, that’s a red flag for us about the usability of that feature.” As an added benefit, crowdtesting puts fresh eyes on UI, sidestepping developer fatigue that can cause your team to overlook issues.

QA Testing for eCommerce Sites with Rainforest Crowdtesting

By adding crowdtesting to your QA strategy, you'll be able to minimize the amount of manual testing your team has to execute, while increasing your confidence that your site is functioning correctly. Learn how eCommerce development teams and more use Rainforest QA to streamline their testing processes on our Customers page.

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