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Rainforest returned to AWS re:Invent last month, with CTO and co-founder Russell Smith hosting a breakout session about crowdsourcing work with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Managing a Crowdsourced Testing Workforce

Rainforest relies on Amazon Mechanical Turk to crowdsource regression testing and provide customers with fast, reliable results.

In his talk at re:Invent, Russ discussed how organizations like Rainforest leverage Mechanical Turk to execute manual tasks that cannot be easily automated. He shares the Rainforest team’s best practices for keeping a crowdsourced testing workforce happy and productive, as well as our strategy for optimizing crowdsourced work quality.

Watch the Breakout Session

Check out the entire re:Invent session to discover what Russ had to say about getting the most out of a crowdsourced testing workforce at Rainforest:

To learn more about how Rainforest gives teams the ability to leverage crowd for regression testing, request a demo of the Rainforest platform.

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