Shipped: New iOS Devices for Rainforest Mobile

We are happy to announce the General Availability of new iOS devices to every Rainforest Mobile customer.

Two weeks ago, we launched Rainforest Mobile as a new way to test your Android and iOS apps, and today we are happy to announce the availability of more iOS devices, including our first iPad supported version!

The new iOS supported devices are:

  • iPad Air 2 iOS 9.0
  • iPhone 6 iOS 8.3 *
  • iPhone 6 iOS 8.4 *
  • iPhone 6 iOS 9.0
  • iPhone 6 iOS 9.2
  • iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.0
  • iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.0

Please check our support page for a complete list of supported iOS devices and instructions about how test your native iOS applications with us!

*To start to using the iOS 8 versions above, you will need to update your IPA file with the last Rainforest.framework.

What’s next for Rainforest Mobile?

We are working to add more iOS devices for mobile app testing, so please keep an eye on our next updates, and let us know if you want a particular version of iPhone or iPad.