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How TrendKite Uses Rainforest Regression Testing to Scale Development

Quality is getting more and more important to both B2B and B2C buyers. Many companies want to keep teams small and agile to maintain development speed. Unfortunately, improving quality often creates a QA bottleneck for teams with limited resources. This can often leave developers pulling double duty and overextend the team’s resources.

Rainforest helps teams stay agile while still testing comprehensively. Read on to find out how PR analytics platform TrendKite leveraged Rainforest to keep product quality high as they scaled their dev team.

Find and Break Testing Bottlenecks to Production

Like many fast-moving companies, TrendKite focuses on empowering devs to own their code, and developers are responsible for doing their own QA through a combination of testing automation, code review and manual regression testing. But as the team and company continued to grow, manual testing became a significant bottleneck to production.

VP of Development David Perdue says, “We move very fast, and before Rainforest we found that there was a bottleneck in getting the final regression testing done. With a growing codebase you know to test around what you’re changing directly, but a lot of times -- especially with a growing development team -- it’s not always clear what side effects you may be introducing.”

Crowdsourcing their regression testing through Rainforest allowed TrendKite to speed up tests that were slowing down deployments. By implementing Rainforest, TrendKite’s team was able to run more regression tests than they had previously, allowing them to improve both testing coverage and the speed of QA processes.

Put Development Resources Back in Development

Because TrendKite’s developers are responsible for their own QA, manual testing practices don’t just slow down deployment. They also pull resources away from building new features and improving existing ones. Using Rainforest for repetitive testing activities allows TrendKite’s developers to focus on moving their product forward, rather than spending time on feature verification and bug-fixing.

“With Rainforest, we’re able to automate the very routine parts of our smoke tests and allow our own testing to be more specialized,” says David. “We can spend more time focusing on things like user experience and usability testing, to make sure the change is going to make sense to customers.”

Scaling Developer-Owned QA with Rainforest Regression Testing

Rainforest provides a fast, scalable alternative to manual regression testing. With a CLI and API to plug into developer workflows and integrations with tools, the Rainforest platform allows developers who own their own QA to test faster and spend more time on feature development.

To learn more about how TrendKite is using Rainforest to scale their regression testing coverage while keeping their team small, read our TrendKite case study.