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What do we do to ensure a customer can be successful with Rainforest QA?

Helping our customers get the most out of our product is our top priority here at Rainforest QA. That’s why we have a customer success team dedicated to making sure that each new customer has the tools and knowledge they need to let Rainforest make a positive impact on their QA. In this blog post, we’ll share a few of the techniques that we use to make sure that Rainforest customers ramp up successfully and start seeing results from the Rainforest platform.

We encourage cross-functional communication

At Rainforest, we encourage cross-functional participation and/or active listening in these meetings, so all teams understand how the external world perceives our product. Everyone on the team has open calendars, making customer and sales calls easy to join.

  • Why we listen to sales calls: Listening in on sales calls helps us to understand how our product was pitched and how customers evaluate the business value of the product. It also allows us to hear first-hand what objections our prospects have to our existing product.
  • Why we listen to customer calls: Being present on customer calls allows us to learn how our users think, what new and tricky questions we encounter, and how our customers implement Rainforest in their overall QA strategy.
  • Why we listen to product calls: Sitting in on meetings with our product team gives us a better understanding of our product roadmap, where we are and where we want to be in the near future. This lets us share the story of Rainforest with our customers and keep them in the loop when new features and product updates are released.

We prioritize customer support as the backbone of our organization

Providing phenomenal customer support should be every customer success team’s #1 priority. We use Intercom to manage customer support and absolutely love it because we prefer the casual nature of live chat that allows us to establish closer ties with our customers, and because it provides transparency across the company issues our customers are facing.

Having a customer reach out to you with a question can be an indicator that you may have a gap in your documentation or gap in the product. The fastest way to learn about your customer and what they want to see from your platform is through customer support.

We try to keep our response time for customer support within 15 minutes of the request. Intercom tracks if we are staying on track. Over the weekends, we take turns keeping an eye out on for issues and ensure a customer that we will be looking into an issue and get back with a resolution as soon as we can during working hours. Our developers across the world help us during hours where we are offline in California.

We stay synched with our Sales team

The customer success team meets with all Rainforest account execs (AE) and our Head of Sales at the beginning of each week to ensure we’re closely aligned on our pipeline, state of our current customers, and what we can do to work together to improve at-risk accounts.

Each AE fills out a list of important questions about why a customer decided to use Rainforest, and how they want to measure the value of the platform. Before we sign each new customer, a member of the customer success team joins a pre-close call with the AE so we can introduce ourselves and set expectations. Sales joins our on boarding call so they can continue their relationship with the customer on their Rainforest journey.

We get on site with customers early

The most valuable way you can spend your time in customer success is face-to-face. If it’s possible to get in the same room with your customers, you’ll kick-start your relationship right from the start. We like to schedule an in-person on boarding and training session with them during the first week of their kick-off.

How we approach each on-site:

  • Be prepared: Get a data dump from the AE about who is who prior to arriving so you know who to meet and your introductions are spot-on.
  • Be effective: Make sure you get time to meet the deal sponsor and any other decision makers while at the office.
  • Be bold: Ask your customer to block off at minimum 1/2 a day per team to work with you. Carving out enough time to walk them through the product and allow time for them to ask questions is essential to setting them up for success.
  • Be ambitious: Set up trainings for other teams that may not currently be using the product directly — but whose workflow may be may be affected by the introduction of your product. Get them excited about what you’re bringing to the table!

We share customer feedback with the whole Rainforest team

The customer success team is the voice of the customer within the company. To be successful, you must both understand how is the product actually being used and what would enable your customers to gain even more value from it in the future.

You will hear a lot of concerns, complaints, suggestions, and advice on where to take the product. Learn to differentiate the signal from the noise and take steps to ensure that the team is staying up-to-date on how customers are evaluating you. We send a weekly customer success team update to the whole company with a recap of the feedback we received from customers the week prior, and what we are planning to do about it.

At the end of the day, every team member must have a vested interest in keeping customers happy and seeing ROI. Customer success plays a huge role in pushing the customer agenda internally, so it’s your responsibility to keep your company up to speed.

What is rainforest?

Rainforest is a unified platform for software testing. Quickly build no code QA tests that can be run with automated or crowd execution. Works across browsers, platforms, and mobile.