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Announcing Rainforest Enterprise, The Only Continuous QA Platform

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Dan LaBelle, Tuesday September 8, 2015

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, application development is moving to Agile and CI. However, QA testing has failed to evolve with engineering demands, taking days if not weeks to complete.

Many times the testing done before a release is rushed in order to meet fast-paced release deadlines. Automation doesn’t solve the problem because it’s resource intensive, requiring someone to code and maintain tests with no flexibility for product updates or changes in scope. A simple change to the product can break the brittle test automation code, forcing testers to spend hours rewriting the tests.

With today’s launch of Rainforest Enterprise, developers and teams have limitless testing ability. Our on-demand API delivers cross-browser test results within 30 minutes, allowing teams following Agile or Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies to move fast and build great products.

Existing customers like Zenefits, Tout and IBM Cloudant use Rainforest to write tests without code while leveraging 50,000 QA testers around the world and receive testing reports within 30 minutes. Laks Sirini, Founder and CTO of Zenefits, sees Rainforest QA as integral to the company’s development process. “Our development motto is move fast, constantly update assumptions, and write tests, with an emphasis on write tests. Without a Continuous QA platform like Rainforest you can't move fast without breaking things.”

Rainforest Enterprise includes:

Testing Environment:

  • Natural language test creation
  • Testing email delivery and content
  • Easy case management and preview modes of test environments and custom VMs
  • Tagging, scheduling, live sharing and screenshots of testers executing tests


  • All browsers
  • All platforms (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android) web
  • Desktop software testing


  • Slack
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Jira
  • CLI: run rainforest through your CI/CD system

Request a demo today and learn how to move fast while building great products.

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