Organize your tests with Smart Folders title image

Organize your tests with Smart Folders

Today we're releasing a feature that we've been working on recently: Smart Folders. Yippie!

Smart folders provide a more granular way to organize your tests. You can define what tests should show in a smart folder by adding a 'Tag condition'. A tag condition could be as simple as: "Include all tests with tag 'green'", or "Exclude all tests with tag 'red'".

Adding a smart folder

You can add as many conditions as you like, so that you can combine tag conditions like so:

"Include all tests with tag 'green' and exclude all tests with tag 'red'".

You can also trigger a run from a smart folder. This run will include all the tests that you have in your smart folder:

Run smart folder

Fun right? Try it out and let us know what you think of it!