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Rainforest-cli reaches 1.0.0!

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Simon Mathieu, Monday February 9, 2015

We get a lot of questions about how to get the most out of Rainforest. One of our favorite ways? Make us part of your continuous integration process.

A CI server is a type of software that runs tests every time code is pushed to a repository. The best way to have a smooth deploy to production, is to first deploy your code to a staging environment and test it there. The CI server allows you to fully, and easily, automate this process. It makes testing and deploying a new version of your application as easy as pushing your code to your source control repository.

We discussed this in detail in previous posts.

This process gives you the ultimate confidence that your new code does not introduce new bugs to your production code.


To make integrating Rainforest in your CI process extra easy, we built a command line tool named rainforest-cli. You can use this with your CI tool or with any deployment tool / script your organization might be using.

We're excited to announce that this tool has reached it's first stable version: 1.0.0!

To go along with that, we also refreshed our documentation on the subject.

As always, feel free to drop us a line at We love talking shop and sharing our expertise on testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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