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Shipped: Custom step variables

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Jean-Philippe Boily, Tuesday October 14, 2014

We just released some significant improvements to our step variable system; we now support custom variables.

What are custom variables?

You can create custom variables and use them in the form of my_custom.variable. It is super useful to share things across steps or tests. A common use case is for frequently updated call to action buttons: settings.call_to_action_text where you would set it to "Sign up", you can then use in multiple tests and steps, but maintain in a single place - much less work!

Extra power for super users

There is some extra power for advanced users - you can use other variables in your custom variables! For example, if you want to have a random email, but sent to your domain - no problem: setup email.random_example_com and set it to {{random.first_name}} - each tester would get a random email at your domain.

You can start adding custom variables today.

Happy testing :)

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