Shipped: New Integrations Support, Now With 100% More Gems! title image

Shipped: New Integrations Support, Now With 100% More Gems!

We've extracted our integrations to a gem so that anyone can add more. If you have a product or service that you think people would like to get hooked up to Rainforest, just go fork our gem, add your integration (check out hipchat.rb and pivotal.rb for examples), and send a pull request our way!

This style will be familiar to anyone that's used GitHub's services. Checkout the README for the gem for all the gritty details.

Configuring an integration for your account is easy, too. Just find the integrations section of your account settings page, which is also available in the account drop-down for easy access.

Integration Flow

You'll see the list of integrations we currently support, pick as many as you like and fill out the form provided. Each integration will need different things for API tokens, the target project, etc, so make sure you have your details handy.

In a later post, we'll walk through creating a new integration. In the meantime we've got a couple more integrations waiting in the wings, so subscribe to this blog where we'll annouce them as we roll them out!