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Introducing Andy Jiang!

I want to welcome Andy to Rainforest! He's our first Customer Success manager. “Isn’t that just sales?” you ask. Well not really actually. The answer is a bit more elaborate than that. Over to Andy to explain why you should be excited that he has joined the team.

Tell us about your life!

I fell in love with technology and programming the moment I first trolled my friends in 6th grade by changing the game mechanics in their TI-83 games. Growing up in a tech household (my Mom worked at AOL, Dad worked at various software companies), I studied computer science in middle school and high school, only to go postal and pursue a BS in Finance at NYU.

After a brief stint on Wall Street, I moved out to California, taught myself web dev, worked on a few projects, but ultimately ended up at Twilio in sales. Shortly thereafter, I joined the gang at Rainforest (yay!).

What is customer success?

Customer success is part sales, part support, and all empathic curiosity. My role is more than just peddling our wares to anyone with a wallet. It is ultimately focused around enabling our customers to ship faster without breaking things. I plan to expand and improve on how we do this now, by understanding customer pains with QA and deployment, and translating these pains to continuously improve our product.

Why do our customers need you now?

The QA market is still young and largely undefined. There are many companies out there that may not realize they are having problems with QA that can be easily solved with Rainforest. They've become numb to the pain and inefficiency of integration and QA testing today.

Today's world is one where multiple daily deploys are the norm, where your customers expect things to 'just work', where a fast time-to-market is the key component to survival. Yet when drawing up a scalable QA solution, many companies still turn to existing approaches — spending more time manual testing, increasing headcount, and investing precious resources in learning, developing, and maintaining homegrown tools. Unfortunately many companies, understandably, don’t think twice about the possibility that a more novel approach, built specifically for faster deployment, exists.

Therefore, customer success is the unscalable part that is necessary at this stage to guide the product to eventually be able to help companies, at scale, with their QA. It is my responsibility to help our customers achieve faster time to market, while upholding highest standards of quality, by deeply understanding their pains and relaying feedback to improve the product.