Rainforest has tested 2 million steps! title image

Rainforest has tested 2 million steps!

We just passed 2 million steps tested by Rainforest, and the number of steps our customers are running is growing exponentially. Our first million steps took us 16 months. The second million took 4 months. We're at 2.5 million steps half way into the third month!

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At Rainforest we try to keep our heads down and focus on shipping the easiest way to do QA ever. Every once in a while, though, it's important to publicly mark the wins that tend to stay private. So there we go!

What does that mean?

Tests in Rainforest are made up of individual steps, so whenever you run a test we parcel up those steps into a job and send it to our crowd of testers. So steps are our most accurate measure of usage.

This means that lots of companies are using Rainforest and putting more and more of their testing through Rainforest. It means that our product is getting better and easier, and that our customers are trusting us to deliver quality results again and again.

Should I care?

You should care if you've been holding off on trying out Rainforest until we're more mature (look mum we're mature!), or if you've been thinking of joining our team but aren't sure if we're a real business.

What's in store for the future?

More growth! Better Rainforest. Easier testing.