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Shipped: Hipchat Notifications!

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Fred Stevens-Smith, Tuesday January 14, 2014

We love Hipchat! As a company the majority of our daily communication happens in one Hipchat room or another. A lot of you rely on Hipchat too, and one of our most requested features has been to push Rainforest updates into your Hipchat room. So here it is!

All Rainforest activity gets piped into the room of your choice. This is what it looks like:

Rainforest piped into Hipchat

Getting started with Hipchat Notifications

It's pretty easy to get started. In the new Notifications settings area, enter a Hipchat Auth Token and the ID of the room you want the notifications to be sent to. That's it!

Notifications settings

We'll be shipping more granular controls over what events are sent later this week.

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